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I’m Just Walkin

March 24th, 2012 by Jeff | 0

Matt Green is walking every street in New York City and taking photos along the way. He figures it will take a little over two years. Read more and watch a short video here.

Sexy People

November 30th, 2010 by Jeff | 0

Can’t get enough of Sexy People.


November 29th, 2010 by Jeff | 0

How was your Thanksgiving? Not this badass.

Infinite Garage

July 14th, 2010 by Jeff | 0

Raina Lee’s parents were pack rats. And when they died she inherited 35 years worth of her parents’ stuff crammed into a 3-car garage in Southern California. The garage was a mythic place where as I child I could find anything– gadgets, kitchen wares, stamp collections, bags of money, and clothes. Now that my parents are gone, I’m clearing out their mess but discovering more than ever about their lives. She’s posting her finds on her Infinite Garage project daily and selling some of it on Etsy.


April 7th, 2010 by Jeff | 0

Pixels by Patrick Jean.


January 4th, 2010 by Jeff | 0


The SBU self-balancing unicycle is slightly less geeky than a Segway.

Crispy Nuggets

December 18th, 2009 by Jeff | 0

I know what you want, even if you don’t. It’s some obscure, second-tier, 80’s new wave. You may not realize this is what you need now, as you tidy the apartment and do a little laundry. But, really you want to download a few things from Crispy Nuggets.


December 18th, 2009 by Jeff | 0


Just in time for Christmas, Gristleism from Chris Carter.

I’d Like to Welcome Our Fire-Breathing Amphibious Dragon Overloards

September 10th, 2009 by Jeff | 0

Japanese artist Yanobe Kenji created an animatronic fire-breathing dragon boat for the ongoing Aqua Metropolis festival in Osaka.

Germany Invades Poland

September 1st, 2009 by Jeff | 0

Invasion of Poland began this morning. Warsaw bombed. For more than a year, the folks at the Orwell Prize and the Orwell Trust have been posthumously blogging George Orwell’s diary entries in real time, 70 years to the day since each entry was originally written. See images from the diary and follow along in a Google Maps travelogue.


July 30th, 2009 by Jeff | 0

Let me be the first to welcome our iPhone robot overlords.

Matchbooks and More Matchbooks

June 15th, 2009 by Jeff | 0

Here’s an incredibly large set of vintage matchbook covers.

The Kid Stays in the Picture

June 15th, 2009 by Jeff | 0

I wanted to see if it would be fun to make a horror movie. My uncle sent me a book called $30 Film School. It taught me how to do lighting and how you set up the camera. I typed the script in red to make it scary. That’s how nine year-old filmmaker Emma Kenney describes how she started to make her movie, The New Girl in Town, which debuted last week at the New Jersey International Film Festival. Read more.

Coffee Filter Prom Dress

June 12th, 2009 by Jeff | 0

Missouri high school student, Aimee Kick, made her prom dress out of coffee filters. She spent about a month on the entire project; folding and cutting as well as staining, dying, sewing, and hand blow-drying the coffee filters.

Morning, James

June 4th, 2009 by Jeff | 0

My Walk to Wieden + Kennedy from James Okubo.


April 17th, 2009 by Jeff | 0

While you were obliviously enjoying your sammy in the Spring sun, big things were shifting. Years from now if we look back to today, it might turn out to have been quite important. During the height of The Great Nerdom Apogee, Twitter seems to have forthrightly jumped the shark.

Tone Matrix

April 15th, 2009 by Jeff | 0

You’re not doing anything for the rest of the day, right? Then you’ve got time for the Tone Matrix.

Vintage Computing

April 6th, 2009 by Jeff | 0

Here’s a nice set of vintage computer ads.


I Welcome Our Giant Baby Robot Overlords

April 2nd, 2009 by Jeff | 2 comments


As a part of last weekend’s Roppongi Art Night in Tokyo, sculptor Kenji Yanobe unleashed a 24-foot tall Giant Torayan robot that sings, dances and spits fire. See more pictures of the giant fire-spitting baby robot.

Grandpa’s Garage

March 22nd, 2009 by Jeff | 0


Del made this out of wood and glue– no metal. See more of Del’s creations.

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