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Haj Ali’s Story

April 30th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

The man under the hood in the photos of Abu Ghraib torture photos tells his story.

Nevada City

April 30th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

Great audio slideshow on the work of Michael Heizer from The New York Times. He’s spent the last 32 years building City in the middle of Nevada. It’s one of the biggest sculptures any modern artist has ever built, one and a quarter miles long and more than a quarter of a mile wide.

Mock Duck

April 29th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

For the very best in TV dinners and spam recipes, it’s Mock Duck: A Delicious Assortment of Thrift Store Cookbooks. Don’t miss some of the gems in the Creme de la Creme section where you can find recipes from some of the 70’s most celebrated tv personalities like Lou Ferrigno’s Quiche, Gale Gordon’s Fettucine with Spinach Sauce and Cloris Leachman’s Terrific Liquid Salad. The recipe is even worse than you think.

Springtime: Love is in the Air

April 27th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

Ah Springtime, the smell of flowers as we hold hands during a garden stroll. Even our President can get swept away by it all, as this photo of Bush and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz holding hands and strolling in the garden shows. Maybe now gas prices will stay below $3/gallon.

Should One Wear a Mitre in a Courtroom?

April 25th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

Can a Texas court indict a Pope on obstruction of justice charges? The UK Guardian has released a letter sign in 2001 by then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger which asserted the church’s right to hold its inquiries behind closed doors and keep the evidence confidential for up to 10 years after the victims reached adulthood. Lawyers for two alleged victims in Texas says this prevention of investigation is illegal.

Guess the Google

April 25th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

Twenty images, twenty seconds, guess what search term returned those images. On Guess the Google I only got a 169. It’s harder than you think

Flats from Above

April 21st, 2005 by Jeff | 0

The Warsaw-based artists Aneta Grzeszykowska & Jan Smaga photograph apartments from above. They take many photos of someone’s flat and stitch them together digitally to create a view of the entirety of an apartment. Their work is on view at the Robert Mann Gallery in New York.

The Coooode Boooat, Exciting and New

April 21st, 2005 by Jeff | 0

Don’t want to pay U.S. programmers normal wages but you don’t want to outsource the job out of the country? Then compromise and fill a used cruise ship with computer programers and float it off the coast of L.A.. Are these guys on crack?

A Cappella Nintendo

April 19th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

An a cappella group from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, sing and act out an A Cappella Nintendo Medley.

Sunlight by Wire

April 18th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

Swedish company Parans Daylight has designed a lighting system which takes natural sunlight from the roof of a building and then redistributes it through fiber optic cables to other parts of the building. The 3 cm-thick cables allow the light to be transported up to 15 meters. You’re right, I gotta see it to believe it too.

Don’t Like Answers? Stop Asking Questions

April 17th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

Since 1985 the U.S. State Department has been publishing an annual report on international terrorism, it’s the definitive report on terrorism around the world. But since there were more terrorist attacks in 2004 than ever before, the government has decided to cease publication of the report. Intelligence officials say the report lists 625 significant” terrorist attacks in 2004, up from 175 such incidents in 2003. These figures do not include attacks on American troops in Iraq.

Wearing Your Craft Under Your Sleeve

April 12th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

The New York Times has a slideshow of chefs who tattoo themselves with food references.

A Black Diamond Run in Your Neighborhood

April 12th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

San Francisco-based company, Freeboard, has come up with a new skateboard that lets you slide and carve like a snowboard. Check out this video, dude, where Freeboard founder Steen Strand shows how it works.

The First iPod

April 12th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

I have many things in common with the President. We both wear our iPods when we exercise and we both have George Jones in our playlists. The New York Times analyzes George W. Bush’s iPod, a birthday gift from his daughters last summer. As for an analysis of Mr. Bush’s playlist, One thing that’s interesting is that the president likes artists who don’t like him, Joe Levy, a deputy managing editor at Rolling Stone, is quoted as saying.

Why Bother Seeing the World For Real?

April 8th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

Nastic Dancin’

April 7th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

Cool time-lapse movies of plants from researchers at the University of Indiana. Click on the links on the left to watch a Venus flytrap slam shut and a morning glory vine hunt. Looks cooler than it sounds.

Think Global, Drink Local

April 6th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

Want a good coffee, but you want to avoid getting it at Starbucks? Try plugging your zip code into the Delocator and you’ll get a list of all the local cafes and Starbucks in your area. My zip came back with 43 cafes and 58 Starbucks.

World’s Ugliest Car Newly Restored

April 5th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

Known as The World’s Ugliest Car, the 1957 Aurora was built by an eccentric New York priest to be the ultimate safety vehicle. Although it’s safety features included seats that swivelled 180 degrees so before a crash those inside could turn round and take the impact backwards. Englishman Andy Saunders has spent the last 12 years restoring the 19-foot long prototype to its former, ugly glory.

Flying the Friendly Skies

April 5th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

There are nearly 800 remotely piloted aircraft flying over the skies of Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of these are being flown from cockpits sitting firmly on the ground here in the U.S.

Google-eyed View

April 5th, 2005 by Jeff | 0

Google’s acquisition of map tech company Keyhole last fall has already been put to good use. Google Maps and Google Local have added a new feature that lets you checkout a satellite view of the address you’re searching. Just click on the satellite link at the top right.