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I’m sick of work

November 29th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Scientists at McGill University in Montreal have discovered that hitting the ventilation systems of office buildings with ultraviolet light reduced some respiratory symptoms in office workers by 40 per cent. Makes my throat kinda scratchy just thinking about it.

Ipod batteries only last 18 months?

November 26th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Man’s iPod battery dies. He gets pissed and makes a PSA.

What are you looking at?

November 26th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Some great animated gifs from Belgian painter Doctor Hugo at his Fuzzy Dreamz project.

Segway hit and run

November 26th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

A man riding a Segway on a San Francisco sidewalk hit a 3 year-old girl. It could conceivably be thought of as a hit and run, said S.F. Police officer DeWayne Tully.

Costs an arm and a leg

November 26th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

You know, carrying around a folded dollar bill, an ID, or a credit card can really be inconvenient for some folks. They just don’t have pockets or something, I guess. For them, there’s VeriChip. About the size of a grain of rice, VeriChip is implanted under the skin of your arm and works as a miniaturized, implantable radio frequency identification device (RFID) that has the potential to be used in a variety of personal identification, security, financial, and potential healthcare applications.

Tip of the day

November 24th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Wanna know how to get the girls? There’s one tip you gotta know: learn to disco dance.

Props to the VW Bus

November 24th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

The Old VW Bus, you gotta love ‘em — whether old or new or tricked out.

Step lightly there Tex

November 24th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

The fleet of helicoptors and electronic gadgetry which surrounded Bush as he was fortressed in Buckingham Palace during his recent state visit has wrecked the Queen’s gardens. Apparently she’s pissed.

Personally, I welcome our nano-robot overlords

November 22nd, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Scientists in Israel have finally created a self-assembling nano-transistor. Someday circuits will build themselves.

Not all record companies are stupid

November 21st, 2003 by Jeff | 0

While the RIAA continues to sue grannies and 12 year-olds for the music on their computers. London-based Warp Records will post it’s entire collection of music for sale on the internet. The site,, will launch next month and directly sell MP3 tracks by artists including !!!, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and Squarepusher, among others.

These dashboards have ears

November 21st, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Got OnStar in your car? It’s a great device to notify an ambulance if you’ve been in an accident and a great tool to find your car if it’s been stolen. It’s also a great way for the FBI to listen in on you as you drive.

Facial hair envy

November 19th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

It’s a little too late to enter the contest now, I guess. But you can still be a spectator at the Beard Contest 2003. It put on by Nershvul blogger Michael Eades’ (that’s his hairy chin to the left). Check out his

Lighter than air

November 19th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Stephen Hawking is selling his hot air balloon. In case you’re in the market for such things.

America in full retreat?

November 18th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

An article in the British website claims George Bush has ordered all U.S. companies out of the UK and that the US is on the verge of starting a full-scale trade war with England. US-based multinationals have been told they will receive compensation from American trade authorities if they cancel contracts in Britain and take jobs home, according to CBI director-general Digby Jones.

You only thought the US had the ugliest money

November 18th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Take a snarky tour of the world’s money, including a look at the weird bills used by the US Army (like the 1 MPC dollar at left).

Worth a thousand words

November 18th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

In case you only wanna look at the pictures and not be bothered by the news stories, go to and see just images from the news.

Was Turner color blind?

November 18th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

An English opthalmic surgeon, James McGill, is convinced that the great English impressionist painter J.M.W. Turner painted his smoky riverside landscapes the way he did because he was color blind and suffered from cataracts.

Royal Bush Bash

November 18th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Wouldn’t want to be dubya this week. Bush arrives in London today, where the mayor just said of our current president: I actually think that Bush is the greatest threat to life on this planet that we’ve most probably ever seen. The policies he is initiating will doom us to extinction. Scotland Yard is bringing out 14,000 police officers to protect him from protests that may reach 100,000. Good luck with that, George. More logistical info, if you’re interested. You know, like a tank that can kill dozens of people, shoot to kill orders, and limited liability if the CIA kills protestors.


November 17th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Howard Dean, Daisy Fuentes, Rock Hudson, Martin Scorsese, Danny DeVito, that kid from Hanson, and more, all born on November 17.

The $244.5 billion elephant in the room

November 16th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Is WalMart actually hurting the US economy? An interesting Fast Company article shows they just might be. One fact: 10% of all Chinese exports to the United States are sold in WalMart stores. Now that can’t be good for US manufacturing jobs. It’s great to have bargains, says textile CEO Steve Dobbins. But you can’t buy anything if you’re not employed. We are shopping ourselves out of jobs.