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I’d call ‘em the best album covers ever

October 31st, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Here’s a user interface for ya

October 30th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

I don’t know what the hell is going on here either. But I like it.

in case you’re cravin’ carvin’

October 30th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Get some carvin’ tips from Today we will seize back this ritual. Today is the day we throw away those safe, cute carving tools. Today. We will buy a big, ugly, pumpkin so large one man cannot lift or move it. Today. We will carve that sumbitch into something ugly and plop it on the front porch. October 31st we will light it brightly enough to give visiting children suntans.

Dangerous to drive an SUV at the University of Georgia

October 30th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

It’s not your father’s Oldsmobile, or maybe it is. Gas-guzzling backlash spurs vandalism of SUVs at UGA.

end of the world

October 30th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

It’s the End of the World. And Australia is like WTF?

Feedup with media bias, fox threatens to sue itself

October 30th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Fox News Channel threatened to sue Fox Entertainment over a parody newsticker spoofing Fox News on the Simpsons.

hot blog

October 29th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Joseph Urbaszewski is blogging the Lake Arrowhead fire.

Careful what you blog, mister

October 29th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

After Michael Hanscom posted an entry on his blog that his place of temp employment, Microsoft, just received a big shipment of Apple G5s one day he got canned.

Mental health warning

October 28th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

If you listen to Japan-a-radio long enough you will go insane.

The Late Night Triad

October 28th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

From February to August of 2003, I obsessively recorded the major US late night talk shows. This amounts to hundreds of hours of the David Letterman, Jay Leno, and Conan O’Brien programs. From this perspective, the collection can be seen not as a set of discrete jokes and bits and interviews, but as a generalized contour of structure and rhythm. From Jason Salavon’s The Late Night Triad. Also see his Every Playboy Centerfold, The Decades.

Now that’s a phone

October 28th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

The new Nokia 7700 seems to do any damn thing you want it to. But obviously, something this cool is not sold in the US. The 7700 is only available in Europe, Africa, and the Mid-East.

MIT students share music without RIAA hassles

October 28th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

A couple of MIT students have figured out a way to bypass copyright restrictions and share music with students on campus. Although the NYT article is less than clear on the logistics of the setup, an AP article explains how it works by having the music broadcasted over cable lines but controlled via the internet.

Fires seen from space

October 27th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

You can really see the off-shore winds in these amazing photos from space of the Southern California fires.

Mo Kin

October 26th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

No, not more kin. It’s Mo Kin playing the xylophone.

God doesn’t like Wolfowitz invasion of Iraq, throws lightening bolt

October 25th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

No wait, it was just Iraqis firing rockets on the Baghdad hotel where he was staying. Don’t worry, he’s okay.

Is running on Linux servers?

October 25th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

It looks like the domain is running on the Linux OS. This comes from the incredibly useful (though kinda ugly) site that lets you snoop around the architecture of web hosting.

D’oh! That’s my cellphone

October 25th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Fox is set to launch Simpsons themed wireless services for cell phones.

God pissed with the way actor portrays Jesus, throws lightening bolt

October 25th, 2003 by Jeff | 0

During filming of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ an actor playing Christ gets struck by lightening. The assistant director gets struck for the second time during filming.

What the hell am I supposed to do with these?

October 23rd, 2003 by Jeff | 0

Sell them on ebay, that’s what. This belonged to my ex-wife who had about a 1000 of these Beanie Babies and when she moved, this one box of these got left behind, and now I am selling the goofy little things. Whatever money I make from them will be spent at the local Home Depot on tools and other cool stuff. I do not know which of these babies is retired or new, or whatever.

Judge a book by its boolean search

October 23rd, 2003 by Jeff | 0 has added a cool new feature that allows you to search for words in books. And it’s a feature that has now been integrated into the search widget here at It’s over there, on the right –that pulldown thing with all the search engines. Try it out.